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Contract value: £55,000

Project description: The principle contractor was building a new accommodation block for this most prestigious of nautical training establishments in Cowes, Isle of Wight. The United Kingdom Sailing Academy had demolished an old Victorian building, and were replacing it with a new timber framed building, to achieve much-improved building efficiency and capacity . However this brought significant concern regarding fire safety. SCL Fire Protection were employed to undertake all the passive fire stopping where services penetrate walls and ceilings. Our team of trained technicians soon got to grips with the project, and working closely with the principle contractor ensured the right areas were prioritised to prevent delays with follow-on trades. This collaborative working has extended the benefits by allowing decorators and others into areas ahead of program.

The work included preparing a technical specification for each of the differing types of service penetration, dependant upon the fire resistance required and the type of service penetrating the fire barrier, be that a wall or ceiling. Selection of the correct product and ensuring it is fixed in complete compliance with the approved manufacturers specification is key to the way we work.

Using the Bolster ® system for recording and logging each barrier provides the client with a durable record of location and type of barrier usable for insurance and maintenance inspection purposes.