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St Marys Hospital

Contract value: £15,000

St Mary's Hospital

Project description:

The principle contractor had been awarded a refurbishment Project within the hospital. The working area had been subject to numerous alterations over the years, resulting in a number of services penetrating firewalls without the necessary fire protection demanded in this complex environment. The principle contractors role, in addition to the upgrade of the general facilities, was to upgrade the fire protection

Throughout the working area and provide the hospital with comprehensive digital records of the preventative measures.

Details of the works

The work included preparing a technical specification for each of the differing types of service penetration, dependant upon the fire resistance required and the type of service penetrating the fire barrier, be that a wall or ceiling. Selection of the correct product and ensuring it is fixed in complete compliance with the approved manufacturer’s specification is key to the way we work. The use of the Bolster ® system for recording and logging each barrier provides the client with a durable record of the location and type of barrier usable for insurance and maintenance inspection purposes.